What Is Wild in Slots ? Complete Explanation for Players

what is wild in slots

Do you know what is wild in slots ? Well, what would slot fans do without the pleasures, rewards, and entertainment that Wild Symbols for slots provide? Wilds will pop in and brighten your day even if you believe you’re having a poor day at the slots. 

These can assist you in winning by substituting for other symbols and therefore producing winning combinations. It’s rare nowadays to open a video slot without seeing these luck-enhancing icons.

What Is Wild in Slots Exactly?

In a slot machine, a wild symbol is one that can be used to replace any other symbol in the game. In order to establish a winning Payline, you can have whatever Payline you want. Scatter Symbols, Free Spins, or other bonus symbols we know, cannot be replaced by Wild Symbols.

For instance, imagine you’re playing your favorite online slot machine and you obtain a Payline with the symbol combination monkey and rabbit after a spin. Under normal conditions, this is a loss. If the rabbit, on the other hand, is a wild symbol, it indicates it has replaced the missing monkey, making you win in a game.

What Does The Wild Look Like?

Wild Symbols are available in a wide range of styles and designs. Wild Symbols come in a variety of shapes and sizes to help you produce a successful payline in the slot machine. Different Wilds appear in different positions, and they are usually tied to the theme of the game. Thor, the Norse god of thunder, is represented in the Thunderstruck slot, for example.

Types of Wild Symbol

You know, wild also have some types that often appear in an online slot. In addition, these types also have their value and can improve your winnings if you can get them.

1. Random Wild Symbol

On what is wild in slots online , by definition, operate as stand-ins for a winning slot combination. Most of these symbols emerge at random in the majority of online casinos. Check the Paytable in your casino to see if the various Wild Symbols in the available slots work properly.

2. Expanding and Stake Wild Symbol

Similarly, the following wilds represent two different or more reel spots. Nonetheless, there are several significant changes between the two variants:

Single Wild Symbols are generally stacked on top of each other in stacked Symbols. Stacked symbols frequently cover the entire reel, increasing your chances of winning big slots. Beauty and the Beast, Black Knight, Black Window, and Game of Thrones are some of the entertaining and colorful slots with Wild Symbols. 

Expanding symbols are often represented by a single icon that spreads across the reels to occupy all available spaces. Video slots with expanding wild symbols include Secret Code, Sparks, and Thief.

It’s also potential that your Wild Symbols will be grouped together in unusual ways. For example, the Spinata Grande features 33 huge Wild Symbols. The cross-shaped wild symbol in the Guns n’ Roses slot machine could also be exciting.

3. Sticky Wild Symbol

Wild symbols that stick to the reels for several spins are known as sticky wilds. Sticky Wild Symbols are popular among players because they appear in several spins, allowing them to complete more winning combinations.

Sticky features a win-on-repeat option that can be quite beneficial to players. A free spins round is triggered when the Wild Symbol adheres to the reels, and if you obtain more Sticky Wilds, you get more Free Bets! Sticky wilds may be found in a variety of video slots, such Attractions, Stickers, and Lucky Angler.

4. Moving Wild Symbol

Moving Wild Symbols are a variant of Sticky Wilds that stick to the reels for numerous spins. Moving Wilds, on the other hand, do not stay in one place and will bounce around the reels to give you the finest winning combination. Moving Wilds can be found in games such as Pinnochio and Jack and the Beanstalk.

5. Diagonal or Straight Wild Symbol

Shifting/Moving wilds are sometimes used to differentiate between diagonal and straight Wild Symbols. Diagonal Wilds are Wild Symbols that span diagonally across reels 2 and 4. Only on reel 3 do straight Wild Symbols flow vertically down. 

When Diagonal Wilds occur while Straight Wild Symbols are active, the game becomes much more thrilling. The Straight Wild Symbols will strike the Diagonals across the reels, renewing any symbols that the moving Wild Symbols have touched.

Therefore, which of the Wild Symbols does the most to assist you enjoy your slot game? Learn to check your casino’s paytable to see which slots include Wild Symbols.

To sum up, if you’re a newbie slot player and you happen to land on a reel with mixed symbols, don’t freak out. It could be a Wild Symbol, which includes increased chances to play and win! First, go over the online slots guide

Other Slot Symbols That Important to Know

After you understand about what is wild in slots, there are some paying symbols that will also help you to get more winnings in a slot machine. Look at these explanations below. 

Scatter Symbol

Scatter symbols in slot machines pay off regardless of whether they occur on a payline or not. They’re a big hit among slot gamers because you only need one or two to win. In 5-reel slot machines, scatter symbols are especially important to keep players amused.

Scatter symbols are different from those other slot symbols in many ways. When you get the right number of these symbols anywhere on the reels, you’ll get a winning payoff. Moreover, they have the ability to trigger a bonus game feature. In video slots, scatters are one of the highest payout symbols.

Bonus Symbol

Most slots have bonus symbols that can be utilized to start a bonus game, but they are not the same as the scatter symbols stated above. 

The difference is that you may be required to spin a set number of these types of slot symbols in specific spots on the reels before the bonus game will be launched. Jurassic Park and Pharaoh’s Fortune are two examples of bonus slots.

Scatter and bonus symbols are typically interchangeable and refer to the same game feature.Having at least 3 of these slot machine symbols is the most typical way to receive a bonus game for a series of bonus symbols. Additionally, they must be spinning on just enabled paylines on successive reels, beginning with the first. 

However, certain slot games require a bonus symbol to appear on both reels one and five at the same time, and occasionally in the same place. In other circumstances, bonus symbols must appear on every other reel, such as reels one, 3, and 5, in order to activate the bonus game feature round.

Finally, you already know what is wild in slots online and other paying symbols that are beneficial for you. Hopefully, you will get your luck in slot machines that you have already chosen. 

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