Space Jammers Slot Demo Machine Review: Theme, Feature and All Explanation (RTP is 95%)

Space Jammers Slot Demo

Space Jammers slot demo is a sci-fi themed slot from provider Tom Horn. This game has a 5×3 reel type configuration and 9 paylines. As symbols, there are 5 gems of different colors (green, red, blue, purple and gold), 3 fighters, a robot, a chest (Scatter) and an object on which the player can read “Wild”. The range of bets is between 0.50 and 100 euros. The RTP is 95% and the maximum likely win is 2,500x the bet. The game’s features revolve around the Wild, the Shatter mode which triggers the stunts and the Space Heist bonus which is the equivalent of the free spins.

A journey through space to fight each other

Space Jammers demo slot is a slot game developed by provider Tom Horn. The game board configuration is 5×3 reels and 9 paylines. From the title of the game and the background image showing a starry sky, it is easy to guess the theme which is sci-fi

The game buttons are located below the reels. And the positions of these reels are occupied by several regular and special symbols. The first group presents 5 precious stones of green, purple, red, blue, golden color. These are the lowest paying symbols. The other icons show 3 characters who are fighters. The attire and morphology of each soldier are of a particular style (a masked man, another strong and bearded and finally a charismatic lady whose hairstyle is quickly noticed). The fourth premium symbol of this slot machine is a robot whose face color tends towards white. His eyes give off a fine light.

There are two special symbols: a Scatter and a Wild. The first is a closed chest whose loop features the illustration of the head of a human being. As for the second, it is an object on which the word Wild is written on a blue background.

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Free stunts and spins – Space Jammers Slot Demo

To play the Space Jammers slot demo machine, you must provide an amount between 0.50 and 100 euros. The RTP of the game is 95% and the probable maximum win is 2,500x the bet. As a feature, the player can enjoy the Wild, the Shatter modification which triggers the stunts and the Space Heist mode which returns free spins.

Wild feature and cascading reels

With the exception of the Scatter, the Wild replaces the regular symbols to form winning combinations. In the base game, when a win forms, the Shatter modification which is a stunt system activates. At this level, the symbols of the reel positions that were used to form the win will be replaced by others. This new group of symbols can allow the player to obtain other consecutive victories.

In this mode, the player gets a win multiplier that starts from x1 to a maximum value of x4. The Shatter Modification ends after four straight wins. Then it will be another paying round.

Space Heist feature or free spins – Space Jammers slot demo

In this game, the player can also trigger the Space Heist modification which represents the free spins bonus. To do this, he must get 3 or more Scatters on the reels. These land only on the odd reels (1, 3 and 5). Once the Space Heist mode is activated, the slot machine first presents 4 chests arranged in a kind of mini container. Above each chest, the player can read different indications (3x, 1x, 2x and 4x). These are multipliers. The latter must therefore select an element among these 4 before starting to benefit from the 10 free spins. The number of free spins cannot be renewed. To try online slot games, you can visit the Slot Terbaik site or the official site.

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