Lucky 3 Slot Online Review: RTP 96% (iSoftBet)

Lucky 3 Slot Online

Are you wondering about the Lucky 3 slot online? This game is one of iSoftBet’s more recent releases, but it isn’t a modern slot machine in terms of theme. Classic fruit icons make up the game’s foundation, and they completely fill the reels. 

There are elements that distinguish this game from others, including modern games as well as classic ones, but the initial concept does not appeal to me.

What You Should Figure Out about Lucky 3 Slot Online

For Lucky 3, a large layout with 5×5 reels was chosen. For that setup, iSoftBet created five horizontal lines. If you have the right combination on the right active line, you can win a $5,000 jackpot. 

You can get multipliers for certain active lines, but there don’t appear to be any other features in this unusual slot.

1. Betting and Rewards

On the large setup of 5×5 reels that spin each round, the game allows for only 5 active lines to exist. You can place a line bet for them, but you can’t lower their number. 

By selecting the arrow next to the Total Bet (Coins) display, you will be taken to a menu where you can select a line bet between $0.01 and $10. The total range of bets you will be able to place in Lucky 3 will be between $0.05 and $50.

The top jackpot in the game is offered by the Lemon symbol, which can pay out five times on the slot’s fifth active line. The reward would then be 500 coins, with a potential value of $5,000.

2. Slot Features

Lucky 3 will not provide you with any regular features. The multiplier, which is associated with each active line, is the only one that fits into that category. You can tell what kind of multiplier you’ll get by looking at the line’s number. The first line receives wins at their regular value, the second at 2x, the third at 3x, and so on.

The wins that appear on the fifth line have the highest multiplier of 5x. However, there is one exception. If the Lemon symbol appears in its entirety on reel 5, the multiplier is increased to 20x, and you win 500 coins, which is the jackpot in this case.

Despite the lack of features and low average payouts, there are some aspects of this game that you can enjoy. The fact that you only get three different kinds of symbols is a plus because it’s much easier to form a combination with 3 or more matching symbols on an active line. That’s why, in a game like this, the average RTP is still 96%.

3. Design and Theme

As previously stated, the Lucky 3 theme is based on old pub slots with fruits as symbols. The lemon, cherry, and melon are the three fruits that have been transformed into symbols here. There are no other symbols or features to be found inside. It’s a large 5×5 reel area surrounded by a strip of yellow led lights.

Our Conclusion

Despite the disadvantage of a classic fruit theme, this game feels like an entertaining enough game. If you are curious, you can check out the Lucky 3 slot online to play for free or with real money at bandar slot terpercaya.

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