Unearth the Hidden Riches of Diamonds of Egypt Slot

Diamonds of Egypt slot

Diamonds of Egypt slot

Embark on a thrilling adventure through the ancient tombs of Egypt in the Diamonds of Egypt slot, the latest release from renowned game developer Pragmatic Play. 

This captivating slot machine immerses players in a world of archaeological exploration and hidden treasures, offering an exciting gameplay experience filled with wilds, scatters, free spins, and the potential for substantial wins. 

In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the enticing gameplay mechanics, mesmerizing theme and design, flexible betting options, and the alluring potential payouts that await players in Diamonds of Egypt.


Diamonds of Egypt slot features a visually stunning design, combining the allure of ancient Egypt with a touch of Asian aesthetics. With its 5 reels and an impressive 88 paylines, this slot offers ample opportunities for winning combinations on every spin. The game boasts medium-high volatility, ensuring an exhilarating gameplay experience when lucky time playing slot that strikes a balance between frequent wins and the potential for significant payouts. 

Throughout the gameplay, players will encounter various exciting features. The Female Explorer serves as the wild symbol, appearing on reels 2-4 and substituting for other symbols to create winning combinations. Additionally, the Female Explorer wild can also act as a substitute for the scatter symbol, further enhancing the chances of triggering bonus features.

The Gold Pyramid scatter symbol on Diamonds of Egypt Slot is another notable feature in the Diamonds of Egypt. Landing adjacent on the reels from left to right, the scatter symbol can award up to 50 times the stake and serves as the key to unlocking the free spins bonus round. During the free spins, high-value symbols dominate the reels, increasing the potential for substantial wins.

Furthermore, players have the opportunity to trigger the Jackpot Bonus Game randomly during spins where one or more wild symbols are present. This exciting feature offers a chance to claim the Grand Jackpot, which can award up to 1,000 times the stake, adding an extra layer of excitement and potential rewards to the gameplay.

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Theme & Design

Diamonds of Egypt slot presents a visually captivating theme that combines the allure of ancient Egyptian treasures with an Asian-inspired design. The game revolves around the exploration of the riches of ancient Egypt, with a fearless female adventurer taking on the role of the main protagonist. 

The symbols on the reels include a turquoise necklace, a sapphire chalice, a serpent ring, royal bracelets, a Pharaoh’s statue, a treasure box, the iconic pyramids, and an exquisite vase. The stunning visuals and meticulous attention to detail create an immersive and engaging gaming experience that captures the essence of ancient Egypt. Also play a demo Starlight Princess Pragmatic.


Diamonds of Egypt Slot offers a flexible betting range that caters to a variety of players. The minimum bet starts at €/$0.88, appealing to those who prefer smaller wagers, while the maximum bet reaches €/$140.80, accommodating high rollers seeking thrilling gameplay and the potential for significant wins. Players can adjust their bet size according to their preferences and playing style, allowing for a personalized gaming experience.

Potential Payouts

In terms of potential payouts, Diamonds of Egypt offers a maximum win of up to 2,500 times the stake, providing players with the opportunity to uncover substantial treasures during their exploration. With medium-high volatility and an appealing return to player (RTP) range of 94.49% to 96.49%, this slot machine presents a balanced gameplay experience that combines the excitement and potential rewards.

Pros and Cons of Diamonds of Egypt Slot

Diamonds of Egypt slot has its strengths and weaknesses that players should consider. On the positive side, the game offers a fixed jackpot feature, adding an additional layer of excitement and potential big wins. The slot has received positive feedback from players, indicating its enjoyable gameplay experience and immersive theme. 

With a maximum payout of up to 2,500 times the stake, there are adequate winning opportunities available. The return to player (RTP) falls within an acceptable range, ensuring fairness and reasonable returns. Furthermore, the comfortable variance level caters to a wide range of players, striking a balance between frequent wins and potentially big payouts.

On the downside, the different variants of the RTP may leave some players uncertain about the odds. Additionally, the maximum bet value of €/$140.80 may not be suitable for players with conservative budgets.


In conclusion, the Diamonds of Egypt slot offers an intriguing gaming experience with the allure of ancient Egypt and the potential for hidden riches. While the theme may not be groundbreaking, the game compensates with its exciting features, including wilds, scatters, free spins, and the chance to trigger the Jackpot Bonus Game. 

The visually captivating design and meticulous attention to detail create an immersive atmosphere, transporting players to the realm of ancient Egyptian treasures. Whether you’re a fan of ancient Egypt-themed slots or seeking an exhilarating gameplay experience, the Diamonds of Egypt slot is worth exploring for its potential rewards and thrilling adventures within the mysterious tombs of Egypt.

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