Blender Blitz Slot Review (Relax Gaming) RTP 96.16%, High Volatile

Blender Blitz slot review

Blender Blitz slot review

Are you looking for the Blender Blitz slot review? Relax Gaming’s beachside online slot, Blender Blitz, invites players to lie back, dangle their feet in the sand, and soak up the rays. That may sound relaxing, and on the surface, this slot is a relaxing game. 

This game, however, hides a solid set of figures and features beneath its serene exterior. They can be difficult to get started, but once they do, they can lead to a guaranteed win Super Spin with only premium symbols and a multiplier of up to x500.

Summary of Blender Blitz Slot Review

Blender Blitz slot review

The tranquil veneer comes first, and players in Blender Blitz find themselves at a beach bar, ready to order a healthy blended fruit juice. At first, Blender Blitz reminded me of Fruit Shop by the Sea, but with more palm trees, sand, and seagulls. 

Turn up the volume to take in the laid-back sounds of the backing track if you need even more relaxation. Blender Blitz may be a little too laid-back for some, and this isn’t the Relax Gaming we’re used to seeing – no guns, aliens, trains, temples, or pirates on this day at the beach.

1. Return to Player and Volatility

After all, this is Relax Gaming, and Blender Blitz’s highly volatile math model can switch from a gentle hot stone massage to that Thai slapping technique and back. 

Users can now get their daily fruit fix on any device, with bets ranging from 10p to £/€30 per spin. The main goal of the base game is to collect enough winning symbols to trigger free spins, which results in a maximum RTP of 96.16%.

2. Paying Symbols

The blending is done on a 5-reel, 3-row game grid with 243 different ways to win. The  3 to 5 matching symbols land in adjacent reels beginning from the leftmost side of the grid to form winning combinations. 

Five low-paying kiwifruit, lemons, oranges, and strawberries pay 1.5x the bet, rising to 3x the bet for the mid-paying grapes, pineapples, and cherries. High-pay symbols, such as ice cubes, juice jugs, and blenders, have borders around them and pay 5-25x the bet for five of a kind.

The wild symbol, which can appear on reels 1, 2, 3, or 4, can help in a couple of ways by substituting for any regular pay symbol. Furthermore, if wilds are not used in a win, they, along with all the symbols around them, are destroyed.

3. Slot Features

The cascading win mechanism is the first feature to discuss in Blender Blitz. Fruit Ninja style, when winning combos form on the reels, the symbols involved are removed. Symbols falling from above fill in the gaps, triggering another cascade if they make a new win. 

On the right side of the reels, a list of low and mid-value symbols is displayed, each with its own meter. When low or mid pay symbols are used to create a win, the number of symbols used increases the respective meter.

If ten of the same symbol type are gathered during a cascade sequence, it is removed from the reels for the remainder of the cascades. At the start of paid spins, the meters are reset.

Eliminator Symbol

Only in the main game does this special knife symbol appear on reel 5. The eliminator either eliminates one of the low or mid-value symbols or destroys all symbols in view, adding to their collection.

Free Spins

Low and mid pay symbols are collected not only by their respective meters, but also by the blender on the left side of the grid. The bonus round is awarded if the blender is filled during a single cascades sequence. To fill the blender, you’ll need at least 15 low or mid-value symbols.

Instead of a fixed number of free spins, players are given five lives. When a non-winning spin occurs, a life is lost; however, an extra life symbol can appear on reel 5, awarding 1-3 additional lives. Low and mid pay symbols are removed from the bonus round when their meters are full, just like in the base game.

When symbols are removed this time, they are gone for the duration of the feature. By the way, the meters do not reset between free spins.

If you manage to eliminate all of the game’s low and mid-paying symbols, a Super Spin is activated, guaranteeing a winner with a multiplier of x10 to x500 – a concept similar to what we saw in Multiplier Odyssey. When all lives are lost or the Super Spin is triggered, the round ends.

Slot Verdict

Have you ever formed a strong bond with someone over a shared interest and completely identified with them, only to discover later that they were also passionate about a completely different theme, revealing a side of them you never knew existed? 

Like making friends at a Kenny G concert and associating your new friend with jazz sax, only to discover they prefer thrash metal. 

In the end of our Blender Blitz slot review, it was the game that revealed a new side to Relax Gaming. It’s interesting to note that when Relax Gaming is near water, the pace seems to slow and the studio enters a relaxed state. Deep Descent and Jurassic Party are two examples of this trait from previous slots. Your main destination only in situs slot gacor.

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