A couple of years ago, several people from the current editorial staff of MIM found themselves by the will of fate in the company of an Indian actress. We talked about the Europeanized European elite in India, and a little later about how they talk to each other about sex (the hour was late, there was enough to drink).

  • Well, how, – one of us asked, – does the girl tell her friend that she finally had sex with her boyfriend?
  • No way … – answered the Indian poetess.
  • Well, what does she say?
  • Well … she says: you know, we had THIS.
  • THIS?
  • Well, yes. Well it.

The Indian actress, despite her fifties, blushed.

We, in Russian, are doing better, but only a little. In most cases, we have to invent our own words, use English or very French, like ménage à trois. Sex, meanwhile, is a big part of our lives. Just very big.

And one more thing: we all read, of course, some such sites, who are what, but we never discuss them with each other, it’s embarrassing. So we thought: is it possible to make such a blog that, on the one hand, it was about IT in human words, and on the other hand, so that it would not be embarrassing to give a link on Facebook (or Vkontakte, who is where). Well, here they are. It’s called Milk and Honey.

Milk and honey – this is because “Vegetables and fruits, milk and honey” – in the sense, do not spill water until death separates us. Well, a little because love is such a promised land, where rivers, as you know, flow with milk and honey.

Who are “we?

Katerina Breshko-Breshkovskaya is the boss and inspirer.

Kapitolina Nazarieva is a sociable, versatile author.

Alexander Meindorf is a ghost in the opera.

Sofia Perovskaya is an impulsive museologist and a student at a European university.

Alexander Guchkov is a postmodern man, a graduate of the Literary Institute.

Mikhail Rodzianko is an amateur, sybarite and broadcaster, media manager.

Fanya Roidman is a film lover, a musician and much more.

Pavel Milyukov is a culturophile, an amateur entomologist.

Louise Bryant is a bit of a saint, but quite an uninhibited woman.

We hope that you will be interested in us. And for us, for sure.

And we invite authors. We are still a non-profit enterprise, for the sake of an idea. There is no money – that is, not yet, but there will be, there will be. However, if you already have something to say on the relevant topic (in a very wide range) – wellcome. Send links to what you have already written to someone; tell us what you want to write to us – and let’s talk. The address is: admin@honeymilk.org